About Us

Our Vision & Values


To be recognised as the leading international company worldwide in the micro slitting and winding machines for metallic yarns and polyester films, through our excellent performance, people and commitment to our core values.


Get it right the first time


Maintain efficiency and discipline in all our processes and systems to fulfil promises made to the stakeholders


Endeavour to bring new products to the market and consistently deliver


Be transparent in dealings


Implement new ideas and technology to meet unmet needs and think ahead of time



Combination of Puran and ideology. Humility, Integrity, Passion and Innovation forms SD Puran Machines. It’s a way of life at SDP.


  • Under promise & over deliver
  • Let your work speak for you
  • Always put WE before ME
  • Learn from mistakes
  • Employee engagement through belief in human dignity


  • Do the right thing with conviction and without fear
  • Practice honesty, impartiality and fairness at all times
  • Courage to call out what is not right


  • Infuse energy in everything you do
  • Walk that extra mile
  • Inspire others
  • Do you best in every situation


  • Strive to implement new ideas and technology to meet unmet needs
  • Encourage others to think out of the box
  • Do not limit yourself
  • Believe in raising the bar every time.

Our Story


Established in 1969, the company was known as Shinotex Enterprises. No one could have guessed back then that a man who made his first machine in someone else’s premises would be ruling the Indian markets in the micro slitting and winding machines in the metallic yarn sector.

The history of the company – with all its trials and tribulations – is first and foremost a story of impressive success.

Our companies’ name SD Puran Machines reflect our rich history, strong brand recognition and value for being one of the leading metallic yarn names in the Indian market for the last 50 years. As we set sights on even more ambitious goals, we remain inspired and guided by the story and philosophy of our founder, Mr. Puran Shroff. Hailing from modest means, he dared to dream, and his son, Sanjay Shroff and grandson Divyang Shroff have joined the dream to make it bigger and better.

We at SD Puran firmly believe in quality work. We have set high standards since the time we entered the market of micro slitting and winding machines. We have been proliferating in our field and are growing continuously with constant R&D and innovation to enhance your usage as we are firm believers of the famous phrase – Customer is king.

Today, we have catered to more than 500 companies in India and have manufactured and supplied more than 1500 machines across India. All our customers are pleased and satisfied with the machines. This makes us happier.

We have had great moments that demonstrate its vision and values, and we’ve never been more excited about the future.


A brief journey through a long history

  • 1969

    The Beginning

    Founded in April 1969. Slitting done by razor blade. 80 bobbins.

  • 1971

    216 developed. Slitting with round cutters

  • 1987

    Sanjay Shroff joins

  • 1990

    Introduction of 320

  • 1992

    Introduction of 448

  • 1996

    Introduced without pressure roller

  • 1998

    Heavy duty machines introduced

  • 2002

    1104 developed

  • 2015

    introduced syncro machines

  • 2017

    Divyang Shroff joins


Over 5 decades of R&D and expertise

Research and development

We are the pioneers among Indian metallic yarn companies to see tremendous value in investing in research & development (R&D). Our early investments in R&D, beginning five decades ago, enabled us to make technology our key differentiator and develop a basket of robust products for diverse markets across the world. Our core strength prevails in our ability to excel in producing technologically complex products. We deliver quality products within established timelines, without compromising on quality.

Our abilities span the development of differentiated products, such as 218 to 1100, heavy duty, synchronised, without pressure roles, roll cutters and so on.


If there is one characteristic to which we connect the utmost importance it is quality. Quality is considered paramount at SD Puran Machines, where we conduct regulated research, development, manufacture, testing and distribution of our machine parts. Our Quality Management Team ensures that every product manufactured and distributed by us complies with all internationally accepted ethical practices and standards of quality, purity, efficacy and safety. To maintain quality standards, our plant has well-defined procedures and systems in place. Our consistent commitment to quality goes beyond ourselves. We insist that our business allies comply with national and international regulative and business standards which are in alliance with those of our own. Our quality standards are constantly benchmarked against global best practices. This means that these are invariably upgraded to keep pace with the evolving dynamics of the global environment.